Synonym:  Viola macloskeyi  F.E. Lloyd


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Plants of a wide variety of mesic to wet habitats.  Flowering late April through May.  Native.

Perennial.  Stemless (i.e., flowers are borne on peduncles that arise directly from the plant base).  Stolons and cleistogamous flowers are produced (later in season).

Flowers:  Petals are white with purple veins on the spurred petal (i.e., lower petal).  The lateral and spurred petals are not beardedSepals are not ciliatePeduncles are usually green and hairless.

Leaves:  Ovate to nearly round, with blunt or rounded tips.  Leaf  bases are notched, sometimes shallowly.  Margins are shallowly-toothed or untoothed.  Leaf surfaces are completely hairless; upper and lower surfaces are the same color.

Capsules:  Green, often orange-spotted.  Seeds are dark brown.


Similar species:  Viola blanda and Viola renifolia.

Notes:  V. pallens is a very glabrous species!




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