Synonym:  Aster patens  Aiton
Synonym:  Virgulus patens  (Aiton) Reveal & Keener


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Perennials.  Plants produce 1 or more stems from a woody  caudex or rhizomes.  Stems are straight, and become densely short pubescent and glandular with minute stalked glands upwards.  Typical plant height is 2 to 3 ft. (6 to 9 dm).

The overall inflorescence is open, sparsely branched, with only a few flower heads per branch.  Branches are straight, not usually arching or recurved, variously long or short, and covered with very short hairs and stalked glands.

Flower heads are radiate.  Ray florets are blue-violet, pistillate and fertile.  Disc florets are yellow, turning reddish with age, bisexual and fertile.  Involucral bracts are appressed, but slightly spreading at the tips, densely covered with minute stalked glands, and sometimes tinged with purple.  Involucral bract dark green zones are more/less thumbnail-shaped.

Basal and lowest stem leaves are soon deciduous.  Mid- to upper stem leaves are ovate, elliptical or oblong, thick and firm, lack petioles, and conspicuously clasp stems.

Plants of dry, open woods, clearings, rocky and sandy open sites.  Flowers late August to late September.  Native..



Similar species:  Symphyotrichum undulatum, S. laeve.





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