Perennials.  Plants produce 1 or more stems from a woody caudex.  Stems are glabrous toward the base, but become pubescent upwards.  Typical height is 3 to 6 ft. (9 to 18 dm).

The overall inflorescence is terminal (per stem), consisting of numerous, congested, short, ascending branches; usually pyramidal or club-shaped.  Flower heads are not arranged one-sided on branches.  Heads are radiate.  Ray and disc florets are yellow, all fertile. 

Basal and lowermost stem leaves may be present at flowering.  Basal leaves are large, ovate-elliptic to nearly orbicular, tapering to long, winged  petioles.  Stem leaves are broadly-lanceolate to ovate, all but the upper leaves borne on winged petioles.  All leaves are glabrous, sometimes a bit lustrous.

Plants of old fields, roadsides, powerline rights of way, open woods, often on sandy ground.  Flowers early September to early October.  Native.

Similar species:  Solidago puberula.



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