Synonym:  Solidago randii ( Porter ) Britton var. monticola (Porter) Fernald
    Synonym:  Solidago simplex ssp. randii (Porter) G.S. Ringius


Perennials.  Plants produce 1 or more stems from a branched caudex.  Stems are glabrous toward the base, but become pubescent upwards.  Typical plant height is 1 to 2+ ft. (3 to 6+ dm). 

The overall inflorescence (per stem) is compact, congested, located at the summit of the stem (i.e., "club-like").  Flowering branches tend to be very short and steeply ascending   Heads are not arranged one-sided on branches.

Flower heads are radiate.  Ray and disc florets are yellow, fertile.  Involucral bracts and peduncles are resinous-glandular.

Basal and lowermost stem leaves may be present at flowering, and tend to be larger than mid- to upper stem leaves.  In general, leaves are oblanceolate or linear.

Plants of rock outcrops and ledges at higher elevations in mountains; northerly.  Flowers mid-August to mid-September.  Native.



Similar species:  Solidago racemosa, S. puberula.




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