Synonym:  Senecio Muhl.  ex  Willd.


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Perennials.  1+ stems may be produced from short rhizomes.  Typical plant height is 6 to 12+ in. (1.5 to 4.5+ dm).

Inflorescences are flat-topped. 

Flower heads are radiateRay florets are yellow, pistillate and fertile.  Disc florets are bisexual and fertile, the corollas yellow. Involucral bracts are equal in length, often partly purple-tinged.

Basal leaves are obovate to spatulate on long petioles.

Plants of stream or river banks, alvars and rock outcrops, often calcareous.  Flowers early to mid-summer.  Native..

Similar species:  Packera obovata.




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