Synonym:  Aster nemoralis  Michx.


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Perennials.  Colonial from long, slender rhizomes; colonies usually diffuse.  Stems are thin (approx. 2 mm diam.), sparsely pubescent.  Typical height is 8 to 24 in. (2 to 6 dm).

The overall inflorescence is lax, few branched and few headed.  

Flower heads are borne on long peduncles.  Flower heads are radiate, nodding in bud.  Ray florets are pale blue-violet varying to nearly white, pistillate and fertile.  Disc florets are yellow, bisexual and fertile.  Involucral bracts are narrow, in several series of different lengths, the outer shorter than the inner, lacking a well-defined, dark green apical patch.

Lower stem leaves are often withered by flowering.  Mid- to upper stem leaves are linear to lance-linear, the edges slightly curled under, the upper surfaces slightly rough (scabrous), the lower surfaces covered with minute, stalked glands.

Cypselae are obconic and gland-dotted.

Plants of bogs, pond margins and floating sphagnous mats on fresh water ponds.  Flowers mid-August to mid-September.  Native.



Similar species:  Ionactis linariifolia.






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