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Plants of fields, roadsides, open disturbed areas; often escaped from cultivation.  Flowers May to August.  Not native.

Annual.  Taprooted.  UnscentedStems are spreading to ascending, sometimes reclining; beset with appressed, somewhat matted hairs.  Typical height is from 6" to 15".

Inflorescences consist of from 1 to 2 flower heads borne on long peduncles atop branches

Flower heads are, radiateRay florets are white, pistillate and fertile.  Disc florets are yellow, bisexual and fertileReceptacles bear chaffy scales separating florets.  Receptacles become conical at maturity.  Involucres are saucer-shaped.

Basal leaves are usually withered by flowering.  Stem leaves are oblanceolate, twice dissected.

Cypselae are obscurely tuberculate and not gland-dotted.



Similar species:  Anthemis cotula, Leucanthemum vulgare  and Tanacetum parthenium.



  Anthemis arvensis
above:  habit
  below:  leaves
left:  flower heads.





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